Sunday, July 27, 2008


This past week had a few very LONG days. At the end of one of those days I couldn't wait to get Hunter to bed, finish picking up the house and just SIT DOWN. When I finally allowed my body to conform to the couch cushions I could see pretty orange and red streaks of light peering through the living room drapes which I had already closed up for the evening...shutting the world out! My curiosity motivated me to get back up and step out front....AAAAHHHHHHH! WOW! God painted a masterpiece in the sky that evening. I took a deep breath and really felt like that was a special gift from Him to me! A little reminder of how much He loves me even when the days are long and I am trying to find my place. I am glad He doesn't try to shut the curtains on us when things get crazy. He finds a way to reach us through the cracks of our lives and show us His unconditional love in spite of all we screw up OR get right! Thanks God for this beautiful gift in the sky and the gift of yourself given to each of us!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Forgot to mention the prizes we got from my parents trip to Colorado. Hunter got a Coon skin cap (he wouldn't take it off) and a Moose as well as a Proof coin set from the Denver mint from 2007, the year he was born. Great idea grandma & grandpa. Michael & I also got a Proof coin set from our birth year as well as a Proof pure silver dollar 2008 and an ounce of gold. We are not really coin collectors but neat keepsake nonetheless. Glad they had a great trip and are home safe!

Week at a glance

*Mon-Tues: Early in the week Hunter and I got our chill on at home and spent a lot of time in our jammies and playing together or splashing in the pool(when it wasn't raining). My Grandma called "are your mom & dad home yet? No Grandma...late Friday night!"
*Wednesday my brothers came down to celebrate my "lil" bro's birthday. The three of us have not been all together in a long time so it was fun to goof off and pick on each other.
Daniel w/ girlfriend Christi "If you think I'm cute you should see my uncle!" (my bros Brian & Daniel) All about the Benji's!

Can't believe I had NO birthday candles in the house! HA HA!

*Thursday I took my "little sister" Arlene and Hunter to Mall At Melinia for a fun getaway. She LOVED IT! She was hilarious the whole time. Later dropped off a birthday balloon to Bauer boy for his first b-day, drove around looking at homes for sale then ordered pizza. "Grandma called...again..."Are your mom and dad home yet?...No Grandma...LATE TOMORROW NIGHT!"
She laid on the beds in every store we went in! Loved Pottery Barn...My FAVE!!!!
Johnny Rocket's for lunch.
"Dis cheeseburger big as my head!" *Friday-Went to my parents to mow and "open up the house" before they got in late that night from Colorado; got take out Fat Boys with my bro Brian. Grandma called three times..."Are your mom and dad home yet?....No them tomorrow!"

*Saturday-Went to Bauer first b-day monkey party. Hunter was a crank pot party pooper! But He tried to hang in there here and there!(He doesn't like the summer heat and bright sun...hmmmm...think he gets that from daddy!) Went to my parent's in LW to see them now that they are home..... GRANDMA!!!! They enjoyed seeing Hunter and passing out prizes YAY!

Wipe out!
"Hehehe Ellie is topless...hehehe" *Sunday- made it to the early service (barely):) then caught up on laundry, naps and even got Hunt in the pool (under the shaded part at least) Daddy got a boys night out with a bunch of guys and saw The Dark Night. He should be home soon to tell me all about it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What A Weekend

Yay! Hunter and I are so happy to be HOME. We made it home Thursday which was Michael & I's four year anniversary. Michael kept asking me what I would like to do. He finally realized I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to just stay home!!!!! :) I had been in Lake Wales since June8th doing work camps and VBS. While I had a great time I was quite ready to be HOME. So here we are. Thursday night Mic & I got OG take out YUM and rented Bucket List which was pretty good. It was great to just be together in our own house. Friday morning I had a Sub workshop at the School Board and Friday night my bro Brian came down to hang out. We ordered a pizza, played some Scrabble and talked all night about the good ole days growing up. Great time with BK. Saturday morning the Halloran's Three made it back to DOT'S for breakfast then mosied through Wal Mart. That afternoon we had a "Ball" at Cline Pritchett's 1st B-Day party. Saturday evening cousin Avery & Halle came down from LW with Nana & Popi since mommy & daddy (Matt & Jen) were on a mission trip with their youth group. We had a blast playing hat dress up with my crazy hat collection, living room movie theater and then Burger King playground since it was raining. We finally made it back to church Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day chilin' till Stacy Adam and Bauer came over to grill burgers and dogs. All that blah blah to say great weekend back atHOME!
At Cline's b day with Ellie
Having a ball at the party

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Firecracker Fourth-What A blast!

We spent the fourth at my brother's place on Crooked Lake in Babson Park. He lives on Cody Cove across from Bob's landing. My whole family as well as Michael's whole family PLUS some more ...had a great time grillin', chillin' and squealin'. We had the four wheeler cranked, burgers and dogs on the grill, hammocks, poles, boat and water. Not to mention Brian trucking down the hill to the lake with Hunter's wagon loaded down with a surprise secret stash of blast offs. We thought the rain was going to roll in strong from across the lake, but it went right on past us and we stayed high and dry. It was actually pleasantly cool with an awesome sunset and a grand finally enjoyed by everyone there (and around the whole lake I think!) :)

50th Stay At Home Work Camp

I wrapped up my last camp for the summer this past week. It was the third camp. I updated previously on the first camp-week long high school(aprx 100). The second camp was a four day middle school camp (aprx 80). WOW! I understand why it is only a four day camp. Let's face many people do we know have looked back to their middle school years and said those were the best years of their life? However, they did have a blast working and playing and were able to get SOME roofing, painting and demolition accomplished. The third camp was another four day camp (8-12 grade aprx 70). It was Lake Wales Care Center's 50th camp. They flashed back to the good old days and returned to the HEART Village to stay this time. H.E.A.R.T. is a third world missionary training village behind Warner Southern College. NO ELECTRICITY OR RUNNING WATER! You read it ride. These campers and leaders were AWESOME TROOPERS! We had a great time working, playing and growing together. I am not sure exact totals of how many roofs, paint sites, demo and wheel chair ramps there were, I'll update when I get a total, but I can tell you it is impressive what these campers accomplish in their very own community. Serving God by serving others.

Camp 2 middle school
Heart Camp 3

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special Events

We actually got to spend a few days at home in Sebring a few weeks ago and we had several events during that time. Michael had an important Rotary dinner Tuesday evening. Thursday morning we had a family breakfast date to go see Matthew West who was in town. He is one of out FAVE'S!
Headed for a nice adult evening out.

The newest member of Sebring Rotary Board of Directors. Dinner held at historic Kennelworth Lodge.

Matthew West live w/JOY FM Summer Cruise(Dave, Bill & Carmen)@Dee's Place downtown Sebring. My boys with Matthew West.
My two cuties!

Unbelievable talent.