Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going to the chapel and were gonna get married!

Yay! My not so little...little bro Daniel married Christi this weekend. Of course she was stunning and they were both so cute and excited! Such a fun time with family! And I know I know...but my little man was such a stud in his tux! Such a special day! I sure hope they are having fun in St. Lucia! :)


Halloran's Three
So JCrewSweet Avery girl
Silly Halle girl
Easter morning at Grandma & Grandpa Kistner's. Yummy brunch and yay for basket!Hunter LOVED his bubbles and his Cheetos! Our church hunt @ high school football field! Tons of people...tons of fun...very well organized..Hunter LOVED hunting....well...throwing...the eggs! :)
On your mark...get set...I cant wait GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Mic & I had a blast watching the older kids bow for the prizes...this one was AWESOME!!!! LOL~
Mommy I had so much fun at my first Easter egg hunt!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dillo Disturbance

Ok......for you true Floridians...you know how pain in the , well, how unbelievably ANNOYING those pesky and absolutely nasty rodents known as Armadillos can be. We had one a year ago dig several tunnels under our house of which my knight in shinning armour in all of his geniousness (and God knows I love this man) decides to blast firecrackers in the tunnels and then concrete them in! HA. Well a few month ago we have been revisited. Each morning there is a fresh tunnel under our front window and Mic fills it back in only to do this about every day for several weeks. Well, we set a trap to no avail, broke out the BB gun to no avail! (I wont let him keep his other guns at our house, thank goodness). Needless to say Mics dad found us a super large trap to set. Mic and I looked carefully around our property to see where this pain in my...side...was getting in and out. Needless to say night two was success. I had asked Mic to move his car early in the morning so I could leave for work. He came running back in all but break dancing on the floor cause the nasty thing had been caught! Thank You Lord. He drove it all the way out to the race track! (I suggested the middle of lake Jackson but we did not have a boat at the time)! So here is my conqueror and his prize!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break is GREAT!

Had a very self indulgent spring break if you will! Hunter went to school like normal and mommy had play time! Thank you to my hubby who never complained once about my going and doing and him having extra Hunter duty! I was able to do some fun things and really enjoyed my break that went by WAY to fast. I will try to give a quick recap of the week! I had TONS of great pics. Ill try to share my favs

Monday-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-A PERFECT day @ Anna Maria Island

Tuesday-Sea World w/ the bestie Laci could not believe how LARGE the walrus was...all of him ;0) LOL!

Wednesday-Haircut & Chuck E Cheese!

Thursday & Friday-Shopping overnight in Orlando with my mama, FLA Mall & Mall @ Melinia

Dinner @ Cafe Tu Tu Tangos w/ Mariachi dancers! :)
Dessert & Coffee@ Cheesecake Factory YUMMY!

Saturday & Sunday chores and rest and pout because Monday back to work!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Safe and Sound

All has settled down at our home! Though we did have quite the drama for about 24 hours with the FBI, Highlands County Sheriff herself, and lab techs doing an investigation at our home...the only house in our neighborhood to be a "victim"! You can read the link to the newspaper article from today for the stats (sorry but all I can say is what an idiot!) In a nutshell...I was in Orlando for a few days shopping with mom when Mic called my cell phone in a panic!!!!! All I could hear were people talking, asking questions, something about anthrax and FBI at our house! He had come home from picking up Hunter after work, checked the mailbox and saw that we had a white envelope with a smiley face drawn on the front. He had heard of the lock down at our local hospital due to the envelopes with anthrax threat on them so he immediately called 911 and within minutes our house was in a frenzy! Most of you locals know that it was a ridiculous April Fools hoax. Well I hope the suspect can laugh for the next 79threats x 15years per threat (1185 to be exact) he could face in prison for second degree felony hoax of a weapon of mass destruction! Anyway, I am very glad all involved are without worry. Though we do get jittery at night when we hear noises outside. Our once white mailbox is now dirty black from finger print dust. And of course my wonderful husband does not have my instinct to capture on film the men in white suits walking around our house but you could just imagine I am sure! So next year I would much rather have Saran wrap over the toilet seat than have a white envelope in my mailbox! And I really Lord forgive me just want to smack the grin off this guys face! Sorry guys! Mamma is riled up about this one!