Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kiddies Christmas & Play Day @ Hammock

We got the kiddies...three musketeers... together for their Christmas dinner (us parents got take out...can;t beat that!). They were so cute in their PJ's playing together, sneaking around the tree, chasing each other, climbing over one another, etc. Ellie sure can handle those two boys. They on the other hand had a fit when Ellie got her pink car. As soon as it came in the room she knew it must be hers...those boys had a fit. We made them all happy by taking turns doing wagon laps in the living room! Very cute and great to get them together for Christmas. The next day was beautiful so we met up at the Hammock for a play day!

Hunter's Broadway Debut....sort of!

Hunter participated in his preschool's Christmas program @ FBC in Sebring. WOW! The whole performance was fantastic. All the children were so cute! Each class had their special part to tell of the nativity story and birth of Baby Jesus. Hunter's class was the angels and that they were! Nana & Popi Halloran brought Hunter's cousins Avery and Halle and Grandma and Grandma Kistner came too! I was so proud of my little angel! After the play we went right downtown on the Sebring Circle to enjoy the fun lights, Santa, fishing and puppet shows....FUN FUN FUN!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celebration, The Palms & Disney!

Once again we enjoyed yet another GREAT hotwire deal. $33 for a room at Celebration. We enjoyed the snow on main street while cousins enjoyed ICE @ Gaylord Palms. After the snow and a drive through all of the BEAUTIFUL homes lit up and decorated ever so perfectly:) we met up with the gang (Nana & Popi, Matt, Jenn, Avery & Halle). Michale, Hunter and I enjoyed strolling through Gaylord Palms while the rest of them were freezing:) and having a great time. Hunter enjoyed the laser lights and sounds show and Mommy enjoyed a Godiva liquor hot chocolate! WOW Merry Christmas to myself! Most expensive yet best I've ever had! :) Daddy enjoyed...making his family happy!:) What a good sport all weekend.

Next morning while the cousins enjoyed Disney for Avery's 6TH b day! Halloran's Three along with Nana and Popi enjoyed Disney resort hopping on the monorail (zero dollars). We visited the magic kingdom resorts to see them all gussied up for Christmas (The Contemporary, The Polynesian, The Grand Floridian and Fort Wilderness Lodge). BEAUTIFUL! My fav's were the Wilderness Lodge (even though Hunter was completely passed out by then..I was hoping to get some really cute pics of him at the Lodge)and the Grand Floridan which had a 16 foot tall REAL gingerbread house complete with a chimney that blew out gingery "smoke/steam" every few minutes and made the whole place smell yummy! Hunter had fun running around in the huge lobby and his eye caught a few beautiful little princess that he just could not stop staring at! They had just been to a private tea party with Princess Aurora for a birthday party...So cute! The Contemporary was not much to see really, though that is where we parked and boarded the monorail because it was the least crowded. The Polynesian has lots of little gingerbread houses made by all of their chefs and they were all very tropical/cabana looking. We did enjoy watching a hula class in the lobby. :)Hunter LOVED riding on the monorail from stop to stop! He HATED however having to get on elevators at the resorts to get to the different levels! He totally freaked out every time the doors closed! :( Here are some pics from the day. What a treat for the eyes and a must see sometime during the holidays!

Sebring Christmas Parade!

off to find our spot that daddy had to save early that afternoon! Nana, Popi and Halle...lookin' good guys! :) Hunter & Halle Fun time with Popi

A kindergarten Christmas~

OK...I am loving's true! I am exhausted...but so worth it. I tried to do as many crafts. projects and activities as I could possibly squeeze in the three weeks after thanksgiving. What fun to watch their little eyes still twinkle at the magic of it all. How still they sit and listen to stories about baby Jesus, Santa and of course the Grinch too! And how their sweet and totally off key voices sound trying to sing Christmas carols that they repeat the same few lines over and over because that is all they can remember. My fav was acting out the nativity with the Fisher Price Little People that Hunter got from Nana last year. I gave each of the kids a piece and we turned the lights off. As I retold the story they brought their part up and placed it where it belonged (with a little help of course). So so precious! Here is a little recap of our classroom @ Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


........And I can't seem to make it go away! Help! Need some home remedy suggestions...ASAP! I feel so bah humbug at "the most wonderful time of the year"!