Sunday, April 18, 2010

out with the old in with the new

Finally closed on our house in January! We were REALLY counting on being moved before Christmas but well....that just didn't happen. But just after the new year we rallied our fam together to load up all our stuff and head down the road a bit. It was bitter sweet in that we were leaving our first home together where Mic carried me over the threshold and brought our first child home to! But now we have a home for our growing family and for the first time in my LIFE I live in house where I cannot hear highway 27 traffic! LOL! We still love to remember the crazy stories from our old house and love to dream up new ones for our new house! We stop by the old house from time to time to check on it and it is sad to walk in and it feel so empty. Looking forward to hopefully getting some renters in there or sell that puppy!!! Here a just a few pics...more to come as we grow and build new memories.
Helping Daddy spruce up the new yard!

Planting his own flowers yes, he thinks dirt should go on top...hmmmm

always wanting to help...I stayed inside where it is warm! HUGE thanks to Nana & Popi Halloran for all their help getting our new house cleaned up and our old house cleaned out and for painting painting painting! Thanks to my parents for keeping Hunter so we could actually get some work done, and to my brothers for using their muscles to move all our crap! haha

Winter break fun time

Hunter had a very good week at school so he was rewarded with a good boy party at home! haha
Saturday morning regulars at DOTS for breakfast!

Yes, us poor Floridians had a COLD winter and we put on as much as we could when going outside! :)
Bounce house fun in Lakeland at Backyard Adventures! FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! Great indoor fun from the cold

Bok Tower with Nana

WOW that tower is tall I can sit still from time to time......

But I'd much rather be running around
and rolling around
and chasing swans

Children's museum...the grocery store is his fave! Cans go in the cart then back on the shelf then in the cart and over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching Up-Christmas

Everybody loves Hunter the red head I mean red nosed reindeer!!! (That flashy nose went all but in the bath tub!)
Papa puts all his prizes for Hunter in one box. I giggle because each year he (my dad) is so excited to open the box with hunt, and each year it has contained the same items.. a wooden train whistle, a conductor's hat and a red bandanna!

Getting so fresh and so clean!
OOOOHHHHHH THOMAS!!!!!!! He was really excited about his stocking and that there were lots of prizes inside!

Our beautiful bare tree. In the hopes of being in our new house for Christmas which obviously did not happen, we had a bare tree for the few days we had it and at least put lights up Christmas eve so Hunter would have a twinkly tree in the morning! :) Thank you Nana & Popi!!! That boy knew just what to do!
Hunt loves fire trucks and every boy needs a big loud fire truck of their own.
Wrestling paper is always a good time!

Christmas program at school...uh-dorable!!!!!
Hunter's class! Just before Christmas Nana Halloran retired from Winter Haven Hospital Accounting after about 40 years!!!! We are so proud of Nana and celebrated with a yummy chocolate cake from Texas Cattle Co. YUM!!!