Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Barney's Dream"

Barney is a disabled man who lives in lake wales and has been in a wheel chair his whole life. He is SOOOOO involved in the community if you just say "Barney" nearly everyone knows who you are talking about. Well a new playground was just built that was a dream of Barney's. It was designed so that children with disabilities could enjoy a playground like any other "normal" child. It has ramps for wheelchairs. Larger swings with harnesses etc. It really is a fun, BEAUTIFUL playground for ALL children and we took Hunter opening weekend to play with his cousins (who have reportedly gone nearly every day!) :) So glad the community worked together to live out "Barney's Dream"!

Party Time!

Fun weekend of a carnival birthday party for Hunter's twin friends Calvin and Leah....Highlands county fair where Hunter actually won his first gold fish doing his favorite, throwing balls....Super Bowl party at our friends house. They had Sonny's cater and it was YUM YUM. Thanks for opening up your new home to all our kiddies! (Who could NOT stay out of the Cheetos bowl!)

Cheeto?....what cheeto?
I'll just have one more
Elli sure is sneaky under that table with her cheeto collection Bauer has no shame going in for the kill! half time entertainment

daddy don't you drop my fish!


Our Big Brothers Big Sisters program sponsors a SNOW fest each January out at the race track. They ship in several tons of snow for the kids as well as lots of bounce houses. My "little sis" has recently gotten in trouble with the law unfortunately and was unable to go with me so Hunter and I brought some friends with us. We went very early to beat the crowds which was great because the kids could easily play in the snow and bounce houses.Hunter was not so excited about the cold wet stuff but absolutely loved his first time in a bounce house. He kept laughing so hard that he really only got a few hops in before he would fall over in laughter. It was really funny. Anyway...morning was nice and cool and crowd free and overall a fun time.

Quick updates!

ICE @ Gaylord Palms. Mic and I went on the last night and there were HUNDREDS of people in line and with Nana & Popi's VIP passes (thank you guys!) we went RIGHT IN! WOW! People were not too happy to see us go straight through the doors. It was beautiful and I enjoyed sliding down the ICE slide! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

oh yeah!

Got to my car Friday after school to find the following early valentine from my crush!
Very sweet card.....

"P.S. if your phone hasn't been working properly...maybe you should try the one under your seat!"


At a boy Mic!!!!!! Way to butter me up before Valentine's Day when you made me give our dog away! HAHA! (I'll post that saddness later...when I stop crying...just kidding...kinda!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was tagged by Angie S.
Here were my instructions...
1. Go to the 6th folder in My Pictures.
2. Choose the 6th Picture.
3. Explain origins of photo.

I went to the 6th folder, 6th picture and panicked because it was a shot of hunter and I at the beach(I in my bikini! aaahhhh) While not that horrifying yet NOT wanting to post it to the world...I double checked to make sure I had the right folder /right picture! THANK GOD I had clicked on the 7th folder....HONEST!!!! Finally got it right and came across.....

One of my favorites of Hunt!(His rolls are much cuter than mine!) LOL! Last spring break he and I went to the beach together in Bradenton. A picture perfect day and why I am in love with Florida beaches!So ready for spring break again!
I tag Stacy S, Stacy L, and Shara L.