Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family, Fun and Sun

Spent a week down in Englewood with the whole fam. Stayed at a new condo that we LOVED!!! Barefoot Beach. (Usually stay at the Boardwalk). Daddy made it down by Wednesday night and we were excited for him to leave work and come hang out with us. Spent lots of time eating yummy snacks, drinking Matt's Costa Rica coffee that he brought back from his mission trip. Read more of my Twilight books, Jen played lots of Ping Pong (World Champ!!!!) and Matt played lots of Flick Fishing (on the iTouch!)! Nana and Popi got lots of lovin in on the grand babies and Hunter, Avery and Halle had LOTS of cousin time. Hunt loves playing with them...just didn't like sharing so much! Had GREAT weather all week! Lots of beach time and pool time as well. Though Hunter hated being down at the beach during the day, he loved the pool and playing in the shade of the building. Def gets that from Daddy! I just wanted to sit in the sun all day! We got a boat one day and cruised the coast and around Boca and Little Gaspirrilla, such a fun time! Girls had their shopping day for back to school and got some great deals. Boys had their fishing day and brought home quite a catch. We took some of it to a local restaurant and they cooked it up for us and we got to dine their and eat our own catch! (Lock and Key Restaurant). That was a special treat! Another great beach vavay with the fam!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Spontaneous and less likely to do ever again...those were the criteria for our anniversary get away...FIVE YEARS of wedded "bliss" :). So Vegas it is. Quick notes from the trip and lots of pics.

-GREAT, very inexpensive trip all packaged via Southwest (nonstop flights, hotel, shows and tours)
-on the flight over sat behind a make a wish family leaving Disney (Give Kids the world) where I had done an internship...shed a tear, so precious
-landed in Vegas and saw a plane where there was a processional for a fallen soldier being brought home, shed a tear, again
-Vegas was freaking hot
-stayed at New York New York which was apparently the "happening" place for young folk, did ride the roller coaster that wound in and out of our was NOT a pleasant experience but kinda cool!
-we quickly determined we are old farts
-in bed by midnight and on the strip by 9 am hahaha(i think that is against Vegas law)
-ate buffets for breakfast and dinner and snacked on treats in the afternoons
-walked more the first few hours than in my whole life and spent way too much in taxis to get back, feet had heat blisters, you know me, flip flop queen (are there other shoes really?)
-figured out public transportation next day, good thing cause I wanted to come home :)
-Saw "O"... O-MAZING!!!!!!, and "LOVE", never done drugs..imagine it was something like watching that show!
-we secretly liked riding the double decker city bus and did it several times for fun up and down the strip
-Did I mention it was freaking HOT, even for a Florida girl, OMG, spent all my winnings in bottled water
-my biggest win was $8 bucks on the penny slot. I acted and made a scene as though I won the jack pot, and WAS really that excited, I have no clue how to gamble but can somewhat manage the slots
-Loved spending a whole afternoon in "the venetian" riding the gondola and sitting in the "Plaza" watching entertainers and eating ice cream...cause it was HOT outside
-our last night met up with our old neighbor and his new bride Kris and Kristen(live in Vegas) on Freemont street, boys played black jack at the Golden Nugget, girls went and ate deep fried Oreos, yummy, well the first bite anyway :)
-ate breakfast one morning in Paris and went up the Eiffel Tower, both very neat
-other than nudie cards on the ground in old parts of the strip, Vegas was very clean and non trashy, they really are trying to clean it up, just stinkin' hot (what do I expect in mid July in the middle of a desert?)
-did love the dry dessert air and the fact that when I straightened my hair and walked outside...IT STAYED STRAIGHT! I know you Florida girls feel me on that one!!!!!
-never saw a celeb and was disappointed (i was at least, mic could care less!)
-LOVED watching the water fountain @ Billagio at night...such a beautiful spectacle

Monday, August 3, 2009


Work Camp 2009: Matthew 5:14-16 13
14"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

So glad to get to participate in another summer of three great work camps. I love being "camp photographer" and getting to see the kids in every setting. So proud of the campers and leaders (from many differnt churches) hard work and didication serving thier community and sharing God's love.


Loaded a semi w/ clothes for overseas

New siding on a home
Fresh paint on a home (several homes actually)
Completly demolished and got rid of this entire old crack house for the city if LW. All that was left by the end of the camps was an empty grassy lot! :) Praise the LORD!!!! Amen!

Brand new roofs on several homes

After dinner each evening teams followed clues on their "GEO Hunt" DVD to find their destination and task.

Paddle(w/ your hands) out to the middle of Lake Wailes to get your team flag and rest of team on shore pulls you back in by rope

Lake Time on Crooked
As a team, roll your bowling ball up spook hill then launch it back down again(kids dont try this at home) Plant your flag where your ball stops at the bottom
Nothin like a little ultimate frisby in the middle of orange groves
More R&R on lake easy

Launch water balloons to target on top of Care Center down town

Morning and evening devo/worship sessions


First Christian Church Band

A City On A Hill!!!!!

Freedom, fire crackers, fishin' and fun!

Year two @ Bk's for the fourth. He out did himself yet again on the "TOTALLY LEGAL" hahaha fireworks display over the cove which were enjoyed by all residents on Crooked Lake I am sure! :) Great time w/ fam and friends. Hunt enjoyed the boat ride until BK floored it and we all about lost our hair right off our heads. Hunt also enjoyed watching fireworks from INSIDE the house looking out the window shouting "boom boom!" each time they went off. Then he crashed hard for the night, as did we all.
The Party Barge :)

Sweet cousin Avery

The two men in my life