Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas In A Nut Shell...A Little Late I know

Christmas Eve
*Baking cookies at Nana Halloran's, delivering cookies and carols to the neighbors

*Listening to Popi attempt to read the Christmas story from the Bible with Hunter going buck wild and Avery asking every five seconds if it was time to open presents YET! Then each family reflecting on 2008.

*FINALLY opening gifts in T minus 7 seconds-PAPER EVERYWHERE! Hunter rolling around in the paper (after he had already ripped the bows off nearly every gift). Lots of surprises and NO disappointments! :)

*Family photo time in our Christmas PJ' were DONE...Hunter..out of commission..Avery and Halle...Spent..yet another year of great Christmas Eve family PJ Pics in front of Nana's tree
Christmas Day
*Halloran's Three waking up in our own home...warm in our beds and new Christmas PJ's

*Hunter peeking around the corner and running to the tree

*Hunter more into all the hoopla than I thought he would be

*Mic bring out prizes for Hunter and I that we hadn't previously discussed and planned in the "budget"! What a sneaky little elf! Good Boy! :)

*Heading to LW yet again to Grandma and Grandpa Kistner's for Christmas Breakfast

*Laughing at my dad and all of his random "catalog" presents and laughing at my mom...because every Christmas I can ever remember many of our gifts came throughout the course of that day because she had forgotten that she had hid things and didn't remember to find them and wrap them!!!!! LOL

*Christmas dinner @ Nana & Popi Halloran's with the whole gang...One of the best meals I think we have had yet and over the years we have had some GREAT meals!

*Kids all getting kazoos and giving a concert of Christmas carols

*More presents and paper everywhere

*A long hard night's sleep because we were ALL whooped!
Included in there somewhere was another great boat ride at Uncle BK's on Crooked Lake.