Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!!!

So I have been a HUGE slacker here lately, this should tell the story why.
We spent our annual trilogy of birthdays @ Texas Cattle CO. with the fam, I would say Mic felt he had the best B Day between he, Matt (our bro in law)and myself! Turned out I had a surprise up my sleeve for the evening! hehehe Enjoy the play by play. :)
(Mic thinking) "Hmmm, Gator tickets? YESSSS!!!!!"

Mic thinking..."hmmm iPhone, she made a big purchase without me?!" Mic thinking....."OH SNAP!!!!"
Mic thinking...."AAAHHHH YEAH"
Nana thinking...."Are ya gonna tell us already?!!!!"
SURPRISE!!!!!!! Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!!!!
I had come home from school that Friday we would be meeting for dinner. I had a hunch due to the, um, well, quite upset stomach I had had for several evenings prior, and remembering my misery the entire pregnancy with Hunter I could not mistake the signs. So I thought on the way home from school..."I'm gonna take one and if it is + I'll wrap it up as a surprise for Mic (and the whole fam) at dinner". And thus begins our journey! HALLORAN'S THREE PLUS ONE!!! :)