Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Buddy & Me

So..Hunter has been missing his buddy Bauer. Bauer is in Boston having surgery on his cleft pallet. Bauer's mommy Stacy & I had our 3-d ultra sound done at the same time. That is when Stacy & Adam learned that their little boy had cleft lip and learned when he was born that he had cleft pallet as well. Wow! Through such a hardship they have glorified God through it all. They have created a great web site to share their experiences and information. They have met and helped so many people though their own circumstances. Michael & I are so proud of them and happy they are such great friends. We are so glad that the hard part is over and now Bauer can recover and come back home to his friends. Hunter & Ellie really miss their third musketeer! They have shared some great times together. While they may never remember all they have done thus far, their mommies sure have had fun making them take lots of cute pictures! haha Bauer we miss you and can't wait till you get home!BAUER POWER!


A little late getting pics up, I left my camera at Uncle BK's lake house last weekend and just got it back! :( We spent Easter weekend in Lake Wales. We stayed at Michael's parents in town and had fun playing with cousin Avery(5)& Halle(3). Hunter and I watched them decorate eggs while they sang "Jingle bells".. too funny! Michael's sister was in charge of the town's big Easter egg hunt put on by FBC Lake Wales. Despite the yucky weather I think there were over 600 kids registered to "hunt". And that they did...8,000 eggs were scooped up off the ground in less than a minute! :) Great job Aunt Jen Jen! We went to church on Sunday and Hunter was a hit in his pimpin hat! He was the man. After church we went to the Simpson's for burgers and egg hunting with Avery & Halle. Hunter was really tired and cranky and not feeling too well so that was a bummer. We then headed out to Crooked Lake to spend time with my family. Mom had a "big kid" hunt that was a lot of fun. You would have thought us big kids were 10 years old running around pushing each other out of the way to get as many eggs as we could. They were filled with candy & $$$$!!! Even a golden egg with a prize to Olive Garden! Great idea mom! Tons of fun...can't wait till next year when I WILL dominate the egg hunt! muah ha ha! The boys then had fun boating, fishing and four wheeling! All in all it was a fun weekend with good food, good friends and GREAT FAMILY!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

9 months

Hunter is a little over 9 months old now. Thought I would give an update on what he is up to these days. He is scooting & twisting around on his buns to get where he wants to go. Starting to pull himself up on things. He can get on all fours while sitting up and then goes splat, but can push himself back up to sitting from laying down. He plays HARD! I have to sometimes hold him and have "down time" so he can catch his breath and calm down. He loves his jumparoo and loves to RUN down the hall way in his "car". He cracks up while in a swing and of course his favorite is still Baxie. Everything is "BaBa". Though he has added "mamama" & "dadada" (indiscriminately). Hunter is a champ at sleeping (from playing so hard). He sleeps a few hours in the morning and another couple hours in the afternoon. He goes to bed around 8 and gets up around 8! THANK YOU GOD!!! Lately however, I have to make sure he is good and ready to crash asleep before putting him to bed. I heard him laughing so hard the other day after putting him down for his nap. When I peeked in on him he was sitting up bouncing up and down having a good ole time. Even though his eyes were puffy from being so sleepy. He eventually had enough and it got quiet again, so I peeked in to make sure and he was still sitting up...ASLEEP! IT made me laugh which startled him, he fell over and stayed asleep for the rest of his nap. He is full of energy and make Michael and I laugh all the time we always say "this dude is crazy!". He had a great 9 month check up. He even made the doctor laugh with all of his "personality"! No shots this time YEAH! And still.....NO TEETH! :) One year B-Day party is just around the corner! Woo Hoo!

O' Halloran's

Michael and I for some reason love to go to RJ Gator's on St. Patrick's Day ever since we moved to Sebring about 4 years ago. So why stop now that we have little Hunter? Why not make it a family tradition? And that we did. We had a blast and Hunter was a hit! (As usual wherever we are).

Thursday, March 6, 2008

YeeHaw...Howdy Y'all

Hunter loves to wrestle with his horsey on the floor in his room. He had a rootin' tootin' good time today while I was putting his clean clothes away... so I grabbed the cam and had a little fun with my cute little cowboy! Yee Haw! :)