Friday, July 3, 2009

Summertime storms and shiners!

Hunt got his first shiner at school. Same day summertime storm landed yet another tree on our house~ At least this one was less than a ton and did not fall through the roof as in hurricanes past! Neighbor was able to have it cleared by the next day as it was his tree and my husband so gentle and kind spoke with him about the incident! LOL! the old hollow log....

Hunter's end of the year program at school was "Down By The Creek Bank". When they first sent a notice home in his back pack about it I got all misty eyed! Michael and I were both in that program as tots! So we were thrilled that little Hunter was about to do the same. He had a little stage fright so he proceeded to play peek a boo with the audience! ALL of the children were adorable and the program was great!