Saturday, February 6, 2010

and the "blogscer" goes too....NOT ME!

worst blogger of EVER... that's me. Well life is kinda nuts lately!
I know pics are what you really came here to see, and I promise to get to some of those. But for my own therapeutic release, here is what Halloran's three have been up to!

Hunter is awesome! Talking so well, quite the chatter box! Getting to be a bit of a clown. Using his imagination more and more every day! Learning so much at school. LOVES to sing God Bless America at the top of his lungs at the most random times and places! Still SLOW going with the potty training though he has peed in the potty 2x and that is hope for me!

Baby still makes me sick...literally. Still on medication that chemo patients take and that i would have (and nearly have had) a panic attack over if i forget to take my pill! Thank God for modern medicine!!! :) Plus side is that at 23 weeks I have gained a whopping 4 pounds! Ha! But baby is healthy and growing and we are already over half way there!

Mic is LOVING his new job and we thank God every day for his perfect timing and his hand in all that transpired with that! I am thankful that he is happy! I am having my best year EVER teaching! I absolutely love my kindergarten class this year, I look forward to work every day and I dread the end of the year coming so soon! The little ones in my class melt my heart (12 boys and 4 girls mind you!) They are precious!

We finally had an opportunity to buy a new house! We never dreamed of living in such a home and wake up every day feeling like we are on vacation at some resort! Sorry for the poor couple who had to short sale their beautiful pool home on the golf course, but thank you God for allowing us to get an absurd deal on an amazing home in a fab community! We feel so blessed and thankful. Staying busy getting settled in making upgrades to fit our liking, and meeting new neighbors. Ones who ride up on their golf carts and bring us cookies and little potted plants and "welcome to the neighborhood" hand shakes! No more "gangstas" and boom boom music till wee hours and other "sketchy" individuals roaming the streets! hahaha

Just kinda a quick recap of Halloran's three plus one.