Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Most Magical Place On Earth!

Back when it was actually beautiful Florida weather, not squelching hot and love bug infested, we took Hunt for his first Disney visit. We got free tickets via their big Give A Day Get A Day promotion so why not go! Well, the park was packed on that beautiful day so what we got to see and do was limited. But none the less I was sooo excited to go and Hunt did enjoy what we did get to see. Also thankful that I felt great and didn't get sick all day! Baby H was enjoying hanging out in my tummy, though I myself was pretty tired by the time we left. I always dreamed of how exciting it would be to one day take my own children to one of my favorite places and it was a special day for our growing little family!

Let the magic begin!
Somebody is excited (I was just as if not more! ;)
Behold the sights! Look At Dat!!! Look at Dat!!!

LOVED Small World
Can't pass up Mickey Mouse Ears ice cream! Got lots of high fives from the characters! All tuckered out from such an exciting-over stimulating day! :)