Sunday, March 29, 2009

Children's Museum w/ the cuz's

Nana and Popi brought Avery and Halle down to the 'Bring to visit with Hunter. We showed them what a typical Saturday morning looks like with the Halloran's Three. Started out at DOT's diner for yummy breakfast. Weather was a little unpromising for playtime at the Hammock so we went downtown to the Children's Museum. All three little kiddies (and Big Kiddie Mic) had a blast. We are so lucky to have such a neat play place right downtown. It was so fun to watch them run around allowed to play with EVERYTHING! :) Enjoy the pics...all smiles! :)

MARCH BUNCO..."Feelin' Lucky?!!!"

BUNCO Babes!
Cheers SIL's
"My Partner!!!!"
Had a blast hosting March BUNCO @ O'Halloran's Tavern! I never even come close to winning any of the prizes so I make my own fun throughout the evening by cutting it loose and having a great time! Got a little silly....well...maybe a little obnoxious..but hey, fun was def to be had. We all got in the St.Patty's spirit with our GREEN, beads, blinking rings etc. Lots of yummy appetizers and even some St.Patty's green "spirits". Can't believe the neighbors never made a peep cause we were LOUD!!!!! (my cam batt, died so I only got a few pics. Didn't quite "think clearly" enough to use my phone cam....hmm):) I am sure Bonny (most BUNCO's) is sporting her way cute Life Is Good hat, Laci's toes are perfectly pedied pink(most games) and Melinda's sweet baby in her belly happy with yummy Olive Garden(biggest loser)! Great time gals...look forward to the next round!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So thankful tomorrow is Friday. I am already up way past bed time! Yup pretty much delirious at this point and I have spring break on the mind. Just can't seem to get here fast enough! Thankful to get sweet Hunter boy to a specialist in Orlando next week for his ear issues. Looking forward to getting him cleared up so he can hear better and have better language development. Thankful for my hubby who has been so great to me lately for lots of reasons...even when I do not deserve it. Looking very forward to this weekend to hanging with my best boys Hunter and Mic!Now I need to spell check before I post this late night nonsense or else you will all need a translator to read it as I am the world's worst my BUNCO babes know....'hooked on phonics did NOT work for me!!! LOL I will try to catch up my blog this weekend with BUNCO pics, children's museum pics too! Later gang...for now anyways!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bok, Bauer and B-eautiful!

Made it to Bok Tower last Saturday morning early. I made everyone book it there to get in before 9:00 am because I thought it was free to locals before 9:00am on Saturday mornings (used to be back in the day). We were there just a few minutes after and I was ticked to see Mic in the car ahead of me having to pay! Oh well. Times change. So FYI if you got to Bok Tower BEFORE 9:00am on Saturdays you get in half price. The gate keeper was kind enough to give us the discount even if it was 9:03! Worth it all together. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning, flowers in full bloom and the boys ran around everywhere! Then took long afternoon naps! YESSS!!!!!

A few randoms

I think these were from our V Day evening @ Sebring Pier. We picked up some yummy Outback take out and when Hunter went down for the night Mic & I enjoyed our dinner and watched Fireproof.

Na na na na and yum yum!

Thanks a bunch Stacy and Adam for hooking us up on a trip to The FL Strawberry Fest to see Third Day! Stacy won tickets on the JOY FM's Friday free for all. She and Mic have an underlying competition on who can get through on Fridays. He has won once and now she has. Dinner conversation at Chili's was fun talking about life pre babies...what did we do with all our time and money???? Concert was great and snacks were YUMMY! Very fun night out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First ER Trip!!!!!!

Late night, crowded lobby, lots of sick scary people....and Hunter's mama giving people what for because my little baby was having an allergic reaction gone bad! He conclusively had a reaction to medication. He broke out in hives on a Friday night. I wasn't really alarmed because he acted fine. By Saturday night he started looking REALLY scary but the on call Dr. led me not to worry. Sunday morning we drove to St. Pete to my grandma's 92 b day with the whole fam. After we had been there a bit Hunter looked bad and began swelling (feet, hands, face, ears). That is when I started to panic. We left immediately to head back home. I was worried it might be contagious and we sure did not want to put his little cousins we were visiting with at risk! By the time we were home his hands and feet had completely swelled together so we headed to Lakeland's ER because they have a pediatric ER unit and our pediatrician recommended we go there if we think we can make it. So we booked it there of course! Sunday night made for a VERY crowded lobby. It was late and Hunter was so tired and just wanted to sleep. He had developed a high fever and hands, feet and ears began to turn blue. At this point I am FREAKING OUT! And all I can do is pray JESUS JESUS JESUS!!!!!!! Nana and Popi Halloran arrived to be there for their little man (helped mommy and daddy out!)We waited a few hours and finally got back. They treated him immediately (once we got back there) with some steroids ect. Michael and I got to watch Charlie & the chocolate factory in his room while he slept and let the meds get into his system. (Most expensive movie rental ever! HA) We got to leave right at midnight! Took about a week or so for his spots, bruises and swelling to go away but is doing just fine now. Thank you Nana and Popi for being there, thank you Laci for getting my sub and class taken care of and for talking to me while I was freaking out in the waiting room, and THANK YOU JESUS for taking care of my precious angel!
Friday night breakout

Saturday night
Look mom I am just fine!


I think Hunter's visit to Gymboree was the most fun he has ever had in his whole entire life! LOL! The kid laughed and giggled and squealed the whole time. We brought our buddies Laci, Rylee and Baxlee to Lakeland on our day off of school. Here is the secret. You can go on line and print a coupon for a free trial class! Such a fun FREE day and worth the trip to Lakeland and you bet we hit Target on the way home! I would totally love to try and get another free class in a few months. But I think they will kinda remember the red head who ran around like a crazy kid the whole time! haha Check out these cuties having SO MUCH FUN!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

January/February Winter Fun

Plenty of exciting things going on Mrs. Halloran's Kindergarten class!
Hibernation Day was soon after we returned from Christmas break. We wore our pj's and slippers to school. We hibernated in our "caves" and played a rhyming game where you only woke up if you heard two words that rhymed! We had a word wall snowball fight and went to recess in a V shape as if we were migrating birds heading south for the winter. After lunch we watched Polar Express and enjoyed hot cocoa with peppermint sticks. The kids had a blast (so did their teacher!)We also learned about snowmen and made pretend snow angels on the floor (since we do not have snow in Florida and sand angels are just gross!):We made snow flakes and mittens too.
February began by celebrating 100 DAYS of school. Their family project for the month was to create a picture sing 100 of anything (some of those were interesting...celery, house keys and a few other odd items were used!)We did 100exercises and were quiet for 100 minutes...SIKE...I WISH...really 100 seconds! HA!We also hunted for 100 Hershey Kisses! We learned about MLK and made our own rainbow of dreams where students wrote their own dream. "I have a dream..."that everyone would come to my birthday party"..."that my mommy will love me forever"...that I could go the whole way on the monkey bars!" Hey...they are creating goals right?! We enjoyed a fantastic Field trip to the children's museum and a Max & Ruby play at the community college. Because of Dental Health month the tooth fairy made a special visit to teach us the importance of taking care of our teeth. Students learned about former presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and got quite upset about the "l" in Lincoln because you couldn't sound it out!I'm with them on that one!That has always bothered me too! hehe And of course Valentine's Day was a BIG deal where they felt safe to announce the love of their life! They were so excited to share their valentine cards and treats and our party consisted of a chocolate fountain with all the yummy treats to dip! YUM YUM! They teacher really enjoyed that! haha Now we are diving into spring and students are currently working on their leprechaun traps at home to catch that sneaky leprechaun that is loose in our classroom! He keeps messing things up and making strange noises throughout the day. Look forward to posting those pics later..until then enjoy these from Winter!