Friday, October 24, 2008

Lil' Pumpkin Time

YAY!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE a pumpkin patch. Love FALL!!!! (Well, at least the idea of what fall is supposed to be. Down here we make the most of it right?!)

Hunter's Pumpkin Patch @ FBC Pre school I took that day off (mental health day:)...and I felt like crap too!) Needless to say I was lucky to be able to take Hunt to school and hang out for the patch fun!!!!! His Teacher Ms. Christine is GREAT (MS. Sue too!)Hunter LOVED playing at the pumpkin patch at school.

Found this patch in Winter Haven after have taken Hunt to the Dr. For his double ear infection, nasty cough and flu shot round what better way to cheer him up (well...cheer me up...) then yet another pumpkin patch!:) He was MUCH more interested in the husk he found on the ground and REFUSED TO PUT IT DOWN. You'll see it in most of the pics if you look close! (It even went home with us).

Hunter's Picture Day was this week at school. Daddy got to see him all spiffed up that morning when he got up and got him ready! I HAD to get a few quick pics when Hunter and I got home from school that day! I was crushin' on my handsome little studd!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mic Live In Concert for "Empty Bowls"

Lake Wales had a Chambers After Hours event down town Lake Wales. It was hosted by Lake Wales Care Center and was their annual "Empty Bowls" event. Area leaders, business people and even some local artists paint bowls to be auctioned off at this event. The first bowl bid for around $550!!!! Care Center uses all the proceeds from the auctioned bowls to help feed hungry families in the area. A soup dinner is served and guests bid on their favorite bowls! ANYWAY.....Michael and his good friend Tommy played for the event and did a GREAT job. It has been a long time since Mic has been able to play at a venue so it as a lot of fun for him! There was a super turn out for yet another great event sponsored by Lake Wales Care Center.

MIC Flashback!

One of Michael's friends from back in the day.....WAY BACK IN THE DAY...found me on facebook and sent these pics. MUST BE SHARED! HAHAHAHA!!!! Enjoy!

Methodist Preschool-Mic Front Row Last seat on right (suit & tie of course!) :)Little Drummer Boy-back row far R end Nice Kilt Honey! Mic- back row, second in from the right!

Halloween Bunco~

Yay! So I finally decided to join a Bunco group with some fun girls! I have several friends who have been in different Bunco groups for a long time. Always sounded fun to me but I just never committed (you know me and having to commit to things!) So I got started in one and we had our first game night a few Saturday's ago and it was a ton of fun! (Even though I was almost but not quite the biggest loser!) :) Laci did a FAB job hosting yummy dinner, dessert and decor! Can't wait til next month to get to do it again!
Bunco Gals
Laci & Laura-old high school buds, new coworkers Biggest Loser, Most Bunco's, Most Games!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Hunter got his hair did!":)

Well.....we bit the bullet and had Hunter's first hair cut today! Mic has been wanting it done for months and I could not bear the thought of cutting off my baby's red locks! We were running some errands today and Mic just "happened" to pull in the parking lot and when I asked what are we doing his response was "I thought you wanted Hunter to get his haircut today so here we are!" What a punk! He knows how I drag my feet and get nervous with big decisions and this one was scary for me...but I thought I better give in now and get it over with cause it will only get harder. Plus Uncle Matt called him "Hunter Ray Cyrus" and that pretty much was enough for me! So we did it. Hunter did not enjoy being held down AT ALL! But Earl did a GREAT job and was so quick! Hunter looks so handsome. I didn't think he could get any was I wrong!

After the new do we went down town for just a bit to catch Sebring Bike Fest! There were thousands of bikes and bikers and it was just kinda cool to walk around the circle looking at all the cool bikes. My fav was that someone had parked their beat up old bicycle in a row of some awesome custom bikes. I thought it was pretty funny! They had a stunt biker that Mic enjoyed watching. We didn't stay long...I think I got black lung from all the cigarette smoke and my nose hairs still burn from all the beer breath we had to pass through! hahaha Family fun nonetheless!

Happy Birthday La, Matt & Mic!

We just celebrated the family birthday week. My b-day was Tues the 30th followed by Matt on Wednesday and Mic on Thursday! Each year on Mic's b day the whole fam heads to Texas Cattle Company in Lakeland for birthday dinner(s) all together. YUM YUM YUM!!!! Wow so GOOD! They actually hooked Matt and I up with a free "cowgirl" steak dinner as well as Mic which was awesome!! They are usually pretty strict about it having to be your actual birthday. But she asked for all three ID'S and worked some magic to hook us up! Thanks Nana and Popi for taking us all for such a fun and yummy dinner together! The kids had fun playing outside at the park by the lake before and after dinner! Another year older for us all!

Miss Ethel!

Miss Ethel lives a few doors down. She is 91 years young and a 9o pound spitfire! We love to drop by and say hello from time to time! She loves little Hunter but I think she likes Michael more! :) He is such the charmer you know! He enjoys keeping her grass mowed for her. I had run to the store and when I came down our street Mic and Hunter were in Miss Ethel's drive saying hello! It was such a pleasant fall evening to be out for a wagon ride!


Love Is In The Air

Mic and I were driving through Lake Wales the other night around the lake down town and it was BEAUTIFUL! Mic and I decided to pull off at this special spot where we were engaged about five years ago out in that field. It was sunset and looked just about as beautiful as it does here! Back then there was there was a blanket, lots of candles and rose petals and of course his guitar! We just stood for a moment talking about that night and how special it was and what a special spot this is. His sister and brother in law were engaged on this lake also. We only stayed a minute to take a few quick pics and reminisce because we were on our way to a movie. When we got back in the car my phone was ringing. It was my younger brother so I decided to answer since we don't get to talk much. He was all excited to tell me that he had just gotten engaged to his girlfriend a few moments ago! Of course I demanded details right away. Needless to say...he was just across the lake from where mic and I were reliving our special moment while he was right in the middle of his! hahahah!!! YAY Daniel and Christi! We are so excited for all that is to come and so glad you had your own special moment on Lake Wailes!

kindergarten thus far

Wow! I am still trying to adjust to my little kindergarten class. But I am finding myself enjoying it more and more. What a great place to have a creative outlet when teaching these little sponges.Here are a few pics of our classroom and a few things we have done thus far.

We are wrapping up our first "unit" on apples. We had fun tasting and graphing our fave, making apple print art, homemade apple sauce, patterns and reading lots of apple and Johnny Appleseed fun!