Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

Waking up t0 Easter treats Look what the Easter Bunny Left outside!!!!!
On your mark get set GOOOOOO!!!!!!

This could take a while :)

I dont wanna get ready for church!!!! So handsome!

Best Buds! One on the hip and one in the oven! :) Love my boys!
Church hunt @ Blue Streak Stadium..Bauer & Hunter sooooo excited to start

Daddy's worked hard holding them back :) (and coaching them where to get the good prizes :)
Eye on the prize...that was all he wanted :) Hunt @ FBC LW w/ cousins, Avery & Hunter Bunnies!
Hard work pays off :)
Happy Easter from Avery, Halle & Hunter :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

March Madness

Morning madness Potty Training Madness Sebring Races Madness
Loud car madness corn hole madness why wont it go through madness ridin' dirty ;) madness
Lake Wales Art Show: Proud Avery showed off her masterpiece looking at the scary fish yummy chocolate ice cream play park time
Grandpa & Noni

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hallorans FOUR!!!! :)

I promised to try and catch up this summer, but the latest and greatest news is that Hayden James joined our family on june 10th. he is precious in every way and has been such a good sweet baby! He loves to sleep (thank you god! he gets that from mama!) he also loves to be held and snuggled, but hates the car seat which makes going anywhere a little tense. Hunter was content laying on the floor or in a bouncy, slept little, ate a lot and loved riding in the car and stroller which made going out great. Hunter is not much of a snuggler, he is just too busy, likes to be on the go like his daddy. So Im hoping Hayden will be a laid back snuggler like mommy and hang out at home with me napping while daddy and hunt go out and about! ;) love you sweet baby boy! Welcome to our family!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Most Magical Place On Earth!

Back when it was actually beautiful Florida weather, not squelching hot and love bug infested, we took Hunt for his first Disney visit. We got free tickets via their big Give A Day Get A Day promotion so why not go! Well, the park was packed on that beautiful day so what we got to see and do was limited. But none the less I was sooo excited to go and Hunt did enjoy what we did get to see. Also thankful that I felt great and didn't get sick all day! Baby H was enjoying hanging out in my tummy, though I myself was pretty tired by the time we left. I always dreamed of how exciting it would be to one day take my own children to one of my favorite places and it was a special day for our growing little family!

Let the magic begin!
Somebody is excited (I was just as if not more! ;)
Behold the sights! Look At Dat!!! Look at Dat!!!

LOVED Small World
Can't pass up Mickey Mouse Ears ice cream! Got lots of high fives from the characters! All tuckered out from such an exciting-over stimulating day! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

out with the old in with the new

Finally closed on our house in January! We were REALLY counting on being moved before Christmas but well....that just didn't happen. But just after the new year we rallied our fam together to load up all our stuff and head down the road a bit. It was bitter sweet in that we were leaving our first home together where Mic carried me over the threshold and brought our first child home to! But now we have a home for our growing family and for the first time in my LIFE I live in house where I cannot hear highway 27 traffic! LOL! We still love to remember the crazy stories from our old house and love to dream up new ones for our new house! We stop by the old house from time to time to check on it and it is sad to walk in and it feel so empty. Looking forward to hopefully getting some renters in there or sell that puppy!!! Here a just a few pics...more to come as we grow and build new memories.
Helping Daddy spruce up the new yard!

Planting his own flowers yes, he thinks dirt should go on top...hmmmm

always wanting to help...I stayed inside where it is warm! HUGE thanks to Nana & Popi Halloran for all their help getting our new house cleaned up and our old house cleaned out and for painting painting painting! Thanks to my parents for keeping Hunter so we could actually get some work done, and to my brothers for using their muscles to move all our crap! haha