Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pumpkins and Pirates and cowboys oh my!

Quick trip by the patch after a dr. visit...just like last year! :)
Still Running...
Stop for air... Where is Hunter's head? hahaha
Had to clothesline him to get this one, he was not happy about it!
On the way to the cousins for some trick-or-treating. Two lollipops to start the night! (See if you can count how many in the rest of the pics...LOL!)
Caught ya! Sneaking treats at Nana's!

A balloon artist came over! (Check out Mic's wig in the back...hahahaha)
Arrrrr..Captian Halle Girl! Hi ho Silver!

"Aunt Jen Jen is my hero!"
Roastin' some dogs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This and that

If you know Mic, you know he can never wait till Christmas for a big surprise! Well Hunt, Merry Christmas! Here is your very own big boy "By-buh-cool"

Oh yeah, and a hot date night out @ the Florida Hospital Gayla to see Mark Lowrey.

July/August: Goodbye Summer...Hello new school year

One last weekend enjoying the Big Blue Beauty! Who needs Cypress Gardens anyway?!

Get together @ Lightsey ranch to say good bye (for now) to Lauren

Taking BK's truck out to the horse barn