Friday, February 29, 2008

selling our house :(

We are ready to sell our house. If you know someone looking for a home or interested in an investment property...this is a great one. Very nice, well kept home, we are just out growing this one. I posted a few pics and I'll list the specs. Pass the word or call 863-528-2602.

3015 Parkwood Road, Sebring

over sized 2 bed 2 bath
large master suite
large 2nd bedroom
fresh interior paint
new flooring(tile,carpet,wood/pergo)
updated appliances & lighting
Florida room
new roof '04
huge back yard w/ storage shed
1 car garage
well irrigation system
close to shopping & dining

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rah Rah HA HA!!

So...I caught the college cheerleading championships on ESPN today. Man...I feel like it wasn't that long ago and I was watching myself on there! While in my head I think I am just as capable now as ever, my body says otherwise.I think I would have to be hospitalized if I tried to do a tumbling pass or partner stunt right now!hahaha. Anyway, found some old pics and had fun thinking back on all those awesome & crazy college days. I promised Mic I would give him a shout out as well. I didn't have a pic to share, but he used to play baseball in college and he makes me laugh now when he says "man...back when I was an athelete..."! He cracks me up. Love him for it!

Friday, February 22, 2008


This says it all!

Hunter and I have both been feeling yucky this week and have been quarantined to the house. Well, not that bad, but by the time I thought I wanted to get out and do something, I'd start getting myself and Hunter ready till I felt too tired and wanted to just stay home and rest some more! :) So this week that is what we did-or tried to do anyway. Early in the week we had a day that was crazy! Our neighbor is elderly and his physical and mental health are deteriorating quickly. He is almost completely blind and is starting to have delusional episodes, well Tuesday was the "icing on the cake". I started to give you all the details and as I finished felt convicted. While parts of it were scary and parts were really funny, I felt bad about exploiting this man who is truly loosing it and scared to death. Needless to say I had several episodes from the wee morning hours into the good afternoon with our neighbor on our door step. I tried to help him best I could and ended up having to call the police- he was really out of his mind and beyond my help. I felt very disturbed by all that had happened and thanked God that He is in my life and I pray God continues to protect me and my family and our neighbor who will hopefully let down his wall and accept for himself this Hope that we have before it is to late. I am tired and worn out and glad it is Friday. Daddy will be home for the weekend and what a relief! :)

In The Name of Love!

Mic & I aren't too big on Valentine hoopla. We did exchange sweet cards, he gave me a pack of Twix (my fave) and I gave him a lotto ticket! :) haha. Anyway...I still took some time to think about some of the things that I do LOVE.....

ACE OF BASE-yes its true, and Dave Matthews
LAUGHING AT MIC-he really is crazy and makes me laugh all the time
WHIPPED CREAM-from can to mouth!
NAPS-though few and far between these days
BATHS-hot and till your wrinkled
SNUGGLING W/ MY BOYS (Mic, Hunter & Baxter)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Week...Big Boy

Bird watching, sippy cups, MEAT, shopping spree, big tub...all activities this week. Mom had a big yard sale with her friends recently so we started the week with a "shopping spree" at a few of her favorite places....TARGET & OLD NAVY!!!! She gets excited when she finds cool stuff for less than $5. Hunter is getting great with his sippy cup and juice. We introduced meat. An excited eater as he usually is, he is a little hesitant with the meat, I can't blame him, the smell makes me gag! We upgraded to the big tub for baths..Loves splashing. Hunter & I spent a day in Lake Wales at Uncle Bk's house on Crooked Lake (my brother Brian). Hunter played in his car and mom helped fix the place up a little. Uncle BK needs a woman! Fridays we love to bring lunch to Mic at his office. Gives us a reason to get out of the house and Mic loves to show off his replica to clients. :) Sundays after church we like to go to the Hammock for a picnic. It was a gorgeous day and Hunter had his first ride on a swing and of course he loved it. Mom and Dad were proud. Early this morning a flock of "white birds" showed up in our front yard and hung out for several HOURS. They were fun to watch. Hunter kept hitting the window in excitement which shewed them across the street. Nonetheless, beautiful to watch . As Mic and I continue to pray for God's direction and will, He spoke to me through the birds. I TAKE CARE OF THESE BIRDS, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU TOO! I tried to throw some bread out the front door to bring them closer and you know what happened, they went further away. When we try to take matters in our own hands to make things happen the way we want them to, a worse result usually occurs, but if we let God handle things according to His purpose, there is a perfect result. Thanks birds! What a great week!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Introducing...Hunter Ole Halloran

Hunter, who is 8mos old today, was born June 7 2007. "Hunter" is my mother's maiden name and "Ole" (Oh lee)is Michael's grand daddy's name. We are so proud to have him in our family and get to be his parents. He is the first grandchild on my side and the first grandSON on Michael's side. He has two cute cousins Avery(5) and Halle(3). Avery loves to help take care of Hunter and Halle loves to make him laugh! :) They are sure to get a smile out of him when they sing "Itsy Bitsy spider", his favorite song. Everywhere we go he is such a hit, especially with the ladies, such a little flirt (Gets that from mommy). He flashes his gummy grin to everyone. He likes to laugh and make as much noise as he can figure how to make when he plays. He is sitting up well and rolling all over the house. He is not interested in crawling yet-just rolling! :) He has cute "little" rolls on his arms and legs, what can I say, brotha loves to eat! :) (Gets that from Daddy).He sleeps well at night and naps well during the day! (Mommy says THANK YOU GOD!) Hunter likes to make faces and talk to himself in the mirror in the car. He "sings" himself to sleep wich is really funny and cute. No teeth yet which makes nursing easier. Hunter loves to suck his thumb and loves our dog Baxter. He is getting more red hair every day (daddy) and he is learning how to use his eyes and lungs to get what he wants (mommy) :) I could go on and on as any parent could. After a fairly miserable pregnancy and painful delivery (c section due to breach)I am blessed with a precious gift and responsibility. God please help me be the mother, teacher, mentor and friend to Hunter that you have called me to be. I know You have an awesome plan for Hunter's life and we are thankful to get to be a part. What a special little man.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here We Go

So, I started this thing to keep track of how God is working in our lives and how Hunter is growing and changing every day. Hope to be able to use this as a "keep sake" of the little things that happen to our family that make us who we are and share them with friends and family along the way. Enjoy this journey with us and as you check in with us, let us know how you and yours are doing as well!
The Halloran's Three