Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Secret Delivery!

Wake up from nap and check the mail.
Find a box on the door step with Hunter's name on it!
Think twice back to recent "anthrax" envelope delivered to our house.
Looked it over and decided I had a hunch where it came from.
Allowed Hunter to be surprised by his special secret delivery.
He was only concerned with the box and not the magnetic calender inside.
I shed a tear as I realize what I believe to be story behind the delivery.....

I believe the box came from Miss Ethel. I have introduced Miss Ethel before but if you are not familiar Ethel lived a few doors down and was 92 years young. We would take Hunter to visit on evening walks and Mic took care of her yard and little projects around the house. Anyway...Miss Ethel passed away a few months ago when we were out of town. We were very sad to learn of this. Her daughter comes to her house once in a while to go through things in the house. Well...I believe the box was in Miss Ethel's home waiting for Hunter and our next visit because it was in her handwriting and not the daughter's! I believe her daughter found it and dropped it off for hunter! So sweet and so sad at the same time! We miss you Miss Ethel but thank you in heaven for thinking of little Hunter who you loved so much and his special surprise!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


SEVERAL different people we know have sent this to us and said they think this will be hunter in another year or so!LOL! WOW! Maybe he will live out my dream of being a back up dancer in music videos! But I still have time right guys???!!!! hahah Anyway, this kid DOES have moves. Enjoy! (FloRider!!!! NOT CENSORED!)