Wednesday, July 14, 2010

March Madness

Morning madness Potty Training Madness Sebring Races Madness
Loud car madness corn hole madness why wont it go through madness ridin' dirty ;) madness
Lake Wales Art Show: Proud Avery showed off her masterpiece looking at the scary fish yummy chocolate ice cream play park time
Grandpa & Noni

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hallorans FOUR!!!! :)

I promised to try and catch up this summer, but the latest and greatest news is that Hayden James joined our family on june 10th. he is precious in every way and has been such a good sweet baby! He loves to sleep (thank you god! he gets that from mama!) he also loves to be held and snuggled, but hates the car seat which makes going anywhere a little tense. Hunter was content laying on the floor or in a bouncy, slept little, ate a lot and loved riding in the car and stroller which made going out great. Hunter is not much of a snuggler, he is just too busy, likes to be on the go like his daddy. So Im hoping Hayden will be a laid back snuggler like mommy and hang out at home with me napping while daddy and hunt go out and about! ;) love you sweet baby boy! Welcome to our family!