Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ellie's Christening

Ellie bell Smehyl's (Godparents)
The dumping of the water upon thy head!
Holy close up! Love this!
The Brinling Family

Last Sunday I made it back from summer regional just in time to make it to Ellie's Christening. She was beautiful in the dress her Grandma (Jen's mom) made for her to wear. Ellie did great throughout the ceremony up until they poured the water on her head (can you blame her...what girl wants to look that pretty and have water dumped on her head! )hahaha!

Summer Regionals

Halloran's Three representin' @ family night hat contest! Mic & Hunt cutting a rug on the dance floor.
Awards dinner.

Last weekend Mic, Hunter and I attended Edward Jones' summer regional meeting in Bonita Springs @ Coconut Point Hyatt. The place was beautiful and a great location for the event. Hunter and I however spent most of our time within the four walls of our hotel room. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of the place. (You should look it up on line-great getaway). We got out enough to go eat and that is about it. We did attempt to make it to the pool for about five minutes. Hunt was not feeling well (teething) which made it rough on him (and me). Finally, Saturday afternoon Hunter's nana and popi came all the way from Lake Wales to pick him up and take him back home! They were super heroes who rescued us! I cried when they drove off (our first overnight away!) But it gave Mic and I a chance to "mingle" and interact with the other brokers and families and Hunter was happy to be in his own home and his own bed. I am so proud of my hubby for his character and integrity in his business and personal life.

Outrigger Island

The week after work camp I stayed in LW to help with FBC's VBS. There were over 100 kids there each day and WOW!!!!! What a great week. I got to run around and take pictures and there was a TON of fun stuff going on. Not the VBS I remember going to as a tot. There were no peanut butter pine cones and birdseed crafts for these kids! And they were not playing duck duck goose at recreation time! haha :)My sister in law Jennifer and Missy put it all together with a bunch of volunteers and it was over the top awesome!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work Camp

Yup! That is right. Each summer for the past six years I attend "Stay At Home Work Camp" put on by Lake Wales Care Center where I used to work (A faith based social service agency supported by local churches, businesses and families). This is the 23 year of work camp. They even take "work camp on the road" to Mississippi after Katrina during the kids fall, winter, and spring breaks. The camp allows high school and middle school students the chance to do home repair projects around the community for disadvantaged home owners who are physically or financially unable to do the work themselves. These kids actually pay to come to this camp. They stay out at Camp Endeavor (A Sertoma camp in Dundee) and all the local Churches and other community businesses and groups provide all the meals each day for the group. The kids come from all the different churches in Lake Wales even a group from NC. Campers get a chance to work on different work sites each day and have evening sessions with area youth pastors and bands. As well as several other special activities throughout the week. There were around 100 campers and leaders at this week long camp for high school students. They completed over ten projects in five days including the following: Completely re-roofed 4 homes, repainted 3 homes, built 2 wheel chair ramps and demolished one home destroyed by hurricanes. They also loaded an entire semi trailer full of donated clothing to distribute overseas. WOW! This was camp 1 for the summer. There will be two others coming up and I will keep ya posted on how they go. I can't wait. I love work camp and just maybe we can get this going here in Sebring!!! It is an awesome opportunity to build relationships with young people by helping them grow spiritually and allow them to share God's love to the community.

Bob& Wendy (Rob Quam-executive director of LWCC & yours truly). This year's theme was "Building Building" (play on words: noun-verb) each night's skit had bob the builder , wendy and the Can Do Gang focus on each day's goal based on 1 Peter 2:5 You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ." (lay the foundation, the cornerstone, building the house, the capstone (Jesus) and curb appeal)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buckaroo's First Birthday

We rustled up some fun with some friends and family Saturday for Hunter's first birthday. That was his actual birthday which made it extra special. It was fun visiting with friends and family and all the younguns' were too funny to watch running around with their horsies and hats. It was a little on the hot side but not too bad. Thanks to everybody who shared in Hunter's first birthday. He is quite a little guy and loved by lots! Enjoy the pics from the day!(sorry there is a TON!):)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

we <3 daddy

Watching daddy leave for work :(

We surprised daddy @ the office for lunch! What a needed pick me up!

After lunch siesta!

Chasing golf balls around the office is a great stress reliever!

Found daddy's thinking bat.

Home finally for a private concert featuring Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the bus!